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Prodigious Escapee

6/10/2005 8:48:38 PM | Posted by: mita27 | Post a comment
Prodigious Escapee is programmed using Visual Basic 6 + D7 , Please check out the game , post your comments and feedback, thank you

screenshot screenshot screenshot
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June 2005 DirectX9 SDK Update

6/9/2005 4:00:40 PM | Posted by: Almar | Post a comment
An update for DirectX9 is now available at Microsoft's site:
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Loradon 2.1 - A new version of a great old game!

5/28/2005 8:31:49 PM | Posted by: VBStrider | Post a comment
Loradon 2.1 brings many changes to Loradon. Have friends in the game that you want to keep track of? Well, with the new buddy list feature, you can keep track, and easily private message someone without typing out a long command. Do you wish you could show off your newest armor to your friends? The new skinning system takes care of this, and makes the armor and weapons that you have equipped visible on your character for everyone to see! Running out of space in your bank? Loradon 2.1 fixes this with a bank that is more than three times the size of the bank in 2.0! Also, if you lost items in 2.0 as a result of the bank bug, you will find them back in your bank in 2.1. Need to safely trade some valuable items with another player? This is solved with the new trade window, which guarantees the safety of your items. Do you wonder why it's always daytime in Loradon? With the new day/night system, time seems more real while playing. Afraid of Loradon being hacked? With security beefed up in 2.1, you won't have to worry about this.

2.1 also brings about a brand-new GUI, with many new features. You can close the chatbox, and re-open it if you wish. This comes in handy when there is a conversation going on that is annoying you, or you just want to enjoy loradon in peace. After all, ignorance is bliss! Other changes to the GUI include new buttons, new statistic bars, fullscreen and windowed options, a new menu when you are exiting, and many other things.

A lot of general new features have been added, such as being able to drop/deposit multiple un-stackable items, fishing has been fixed up a bit, and of course, the larger bank.

If you have never played Loradon before, now is the perfect time to come and play. With all these new features, Loradon is more enjoyable than it has ever been. If you have played, your accounts will be usable with the new client. At Loradon, we do our best to make sure that we NEVER have to have a player account wipe. Accounts can be created on the "account" link on and the game can be downloaded by going to the download section on the site. Also, if you are coming to Loradon, or wish to check it out, join our forums and introduce yourself!
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DXGame Engine Demos #1

5/23/2005 1:26:03 AM | Posted by: dxgame | 4 comments
Here's a demo showing a bit about the engine we are developing for Visual Basic 6.

There's actually 4 different small demos included and there's a menu system to select which demo to run.

This download requires the following:

Visual Basic 6 Runtimes Installed
DirectX8.1 or Higher
Most XP machines already have this installed.

Decent 3D Graphics Card

Thanks for checking it out!

(2mb download)
Download Link
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Fantasy Engine 3D

5/13/2005 11:19:10 PM | Posted by: Xadaiss | 10 comments
Hello here is a link to my site on where you can download the tech demos from my engine. The engine is developed in vb and directx 8. Please tell us what you think.
screenshot screenshot
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The Peace Music Engine For VB

5/7/2005 11:20:13 AM | Posted by: VB musicianx | 1 comment
Peace Music Engine is the powerful Music engine that grant you to enhance your wav or midi music with powerful SFX and easy to use.

Peace Music Engine


- Enhance sound quality
- Play very same sound & quality in other machine
- Support Downloadable Sounds (DLS)
- Load and play unlimit midi music simultaneously
- Support midi & wav SFX
- Easy to use
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Adventures of Lolo

4/26/2005 10:08:53 AM | Posted by: masterbooda | 39 comments
The first official game of DaBooda Turbo is done!

Adventures of Lolo, a NES Classic, revamped DaBooda Turbo Style. You have played it before, seen it remade 100 times, but trust me this version is totally worth a play.

Features include:

  •  All 50 original game levels, and game emulated to about 98% of the original.
  •  New Menu Sytem that makes navigating the game and options 100% easier.
  •  New built in Editor makes the game that much better. Now make your own levels and share with friends.
  •  The graphics have been revamped and now encompass a 32bit color scheme.
  •  The music has been updated into .mp3 quality.
  •  DaBooda features make this game sizzle with its advanced overlay, map, and sprite functionality.
  •  The game comes with a comprehensive help file, if one needs it.

Download this game today, its free and fun. If you own the original play that first then compare the two. Enjoy... and you can get the game here Adventures of 2.59 mb . Just extract to any where on your pc and play.

This game built with the power of DaBooda Turbo v1.4 .dll and VB5. If you do not have DaBooda Turbo v1.4 installed, you can get that at DaBooda Turbo or download it directly here 210kb.

DaBooda 8-bit Team out..........more to come.....
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DirectX4VB mirror

4/18/2005 6:27:44 PM | Posted by: Eric Coleman | 45 comments
With Jack Hoxley's permssion there is now a mirror of DirectX4VB hosted on the vbgamer server. Now you never have to worry about typing the wrong IP address to get to the website! That's an inside joke for those that remember the old vbexplorer redirection. :) Ah, the good old days...

And here is a picture of its lovely new home, safe and sound on a nice little Dell 1U server. (It's in the top left of the picture.) Now go learn something and program a game!
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New RPG Game Demo - Tales of Torrund

4/3/2005 3:32:48 PM | Posted by: ponyboy | 1 comment
A new RPG game demo is available for download from Alternate Reality Studios. The game is Tales of Torrund and the new demo shows off almost all of the features of the game. Tales of Torrund is an RPG with a strategical turn-based combat system. People who have played Shining Force may find that the two battle systems have quite a few things in common. The demo is quite small, only one map, but you can interact, have another PC join your party, buy and sell items, and fight another NPC in the new battle system.

For more information on the game visit the website and don't forget to stop by the forums!
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New VB Site, Agr rendering engine tech demo

3/27/2005 12:44:31 AM | Posted by: CadeF | Post a comment
Agr, the Advanced Graphics engine, powering your rendering/game ideas with programming ease, now in DirectX. AgrDX and its source code will be released soon. The site will have AgrDX, games, techdemos, and tutorials upon request. You can email me at to request a tutorial. A feature list of what AgrDX can do is available on my site.
screenshot screenshot screenshot
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The Save VB Petition!

3/15/2005 6:04:28 PM | Posted by: Eric Coleman | 6 comments
A petition for the development of unmanaged Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications

This petition was started on March 8, and as of this post it already has 222 Microsoft MVP's signed on.

Considering that BASIC was the very first product that Microsoft ever sold, I totaly agree with this petition. Microsoft shouldn't abandon that which made it great. I also have thousands and thousands of lines of code written in "classic" vb, which is impossible to convert to Visual Fred, so yes I'm biased, and I have every right to be.

This petition, if you don't read technology news websites, has been around a bit. Computer World has a nice article about the petition. More references can be found here, here and here
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New 2D VB Game Programming contest!

3/12/2005 3:15:08 PM | Posted by: cbx | 9 comments
Just to let everyone know I am hosting a 2D vb game programming contest at

There will only be one winner! The winning entry will recieve ...

  • VB.NET 2003 Standard
  • Windows 2000 professional SP4
  • Windows 2000 server SP4
  • Windows 2000 advanced server SP4
  • Visual cd
  • A 100 page tutorial book adapted from the full book titled "Microsoft Visual Basic.NET step by step"
  • 3cds containing the MSDN library
  • Visual Basic .NET Upgrade guide CD containing How-To Videos, Self-Study Courses, New book chapters, and technical case studies.

Some of the rules for game submission are the games must be a one screener style game. Meaning the map cannot extend beyond what you see on the screen, IE: no scrolling. Think Joust, DigDug, BurgerTime, Original Donkey kong, Tetris, Dr Mario etc. Games such as 2D space shooters (like Gradius) are also allowed. This is meant to keep the game as simple as possible.

For additional contest rules and details visit
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Simple Shooter Demo

3/12/2005 2:02:57 PM | Posted by: dxgame | 2 comments
This simple shooter was coded in less than 2 hours. This might bring a smile to some of you shoot-em-up coders. :)

You can download the demo here

For more information about the DXGame Engine, please visit our website:
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Bubbles Demo

3/9/2005 11:40:21 PM | Posted by: dxgame | 8 comments
A small demo from the DXGame 2D+ Engine in development. It's a 350k download and requires VB6 runtimes and DirectX8 or higher. To download the file directly, click here, or click on the website link for more information.
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New Alpha 7 Site

3/6/2005 9:51:03 PM | Posted by: Peter | 6 comments
There is a new website for Alpha 7 up at

As some of you might know, the project was recently restarted after a long hiatus.

The site is a departure from your typical games site though. I'll be posting new screenshots and demos as they come along but mostly its an online development log.

Its basically just an online log for me to talk about what goes into the game, from new pieces of code to new art, features etc. If there are any interesting pieces of code I'll make sure to put them up too, maybe even in mini-tutorial form.

Anyways, check it out if you feel like it and let me know what you think.
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Twisted System

2/9/2005 9:37:44 AM | Posted by: terrorbite | 1 comment
If anyone has played Fuzion Frenzy on the Xbox, you'll know its a party game composed of lots of smaller games, similar in a way to Mario Party.

My favourite of which is called Twisted System. The game is being developed in Visual Basic 6, and uses DirectX 8.

Current features include:

Fullscreen anti aliasing
Specular highlighting
Bilinear texture filtering
Alpha blending
Directional lighting

I can get at least 75fps (max due to v sync) using 1280x1024 res, with 32 bit colour, and 6x AA, although it can get a bit choppy with lots of obstacles. I have an Athlon XP 2500 and a Radeon 9600 card.
I will be including lots of graphics options, so it should work fine on almost any PC.

As you can see from the screenshot, its currently lacking final textures, and the obstacles aren't yet finished, nor is the lighting. Collision detection still needs major work.

Although the tower itself is almost identical to that in the Xbox version, nothing has been lifted from that game at all. All textures, models and sound will be/are my own work when completed.
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Adventure games live on

2/4/2005 5:56:06 PM | Posted by: Eric Coleman | Post a comment
There is an article over at about adventure games made by fans of old franchises. Since there is still interest in these types of games I think this is a great oportunity for VB game programmers to use VB's ability for creating rapid prototypes in order to get noticed by game companies. Such projects are great for a resumé.
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Xmas Contest Voting Begins!

1/10/2005 5:05:23 PM | Posted by: Zero | 3 comments
Well, all submissions have ended and its time to vote, come on over to and vote!
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Mission Demolition Released

12/28/2004 8:20:46 AM | Posted by: loonycoder | 3 comments
Mission Demolition is an arcade style shoot-em-up with plenty of aliens, explosions and weaponry powerups. Take your advanced prototype space combat craft and let those invaders know what you think of them! This is the first game I have released for the public to play.

It was programmed in VB6 for DirectX7, it took about 2 weeks for all the important work to be done, a while longer to touch up the graphics. The sound is functional (I shall say no more)

Screenshots and basic information can be found at my homepage here

Direct download link for the game here

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Xilon Engine : Demo Release

12/28/2004 2:01:09 AM | Posted by: autoaim | 3 comments
Xilon is a VB6 game engine using DX 8.1. It will have some "eye candy" features plus some powerful speed to go with it.
Some features that will be included in this engine are:
-A map class for top-down maps
-Sprite class will have real-time rotations, alpha blending, and shadows

There is more of course, which can be read here.

The demo can be viewed and downloaded here

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