The Peace Music Engine For VB - VB musicianx (2 replies, 23 views) (2005-May-7)
Peace Music Engine is the powerful Music engine that grant you to enhance your wav or midi music with powerful SFX and easy to use.

Peace Music Engine


- Enhance sound quality
- Play very same sound & quality in other machine
- Support Downloadable Sounds (DLS)
- Load and play unlimit midi music simultaneously
- Support midi & wav SFX
- Easy to use

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Re: The Peace Music Engine For VB -  Eric Coleman (0 replies) (2005-May-10)
Just so you know, this is a shareware program.  It doesn't say what its software requirements are, but it seems as though it needs at least directx 8 or 8.1
Re: The Peace Music Engine For VB -  Sion (0 replies) (2005-May-16)
I downloaded it, but I couldn't get it to work...

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