New RPG Game Demo - Tales of Torrund - ponyboy (1 reply, 2708 views) (2005-Apr-3)
A new RPG game demo is available for download from Alternate Reality Studios. The game is Tales of Torrund and the new demo shows off almost all of the features of the game. Tales of Torrund is an RPG with a strategical turn-based combat system. People who have played Shining Force may find that the two battle systems have quite a few things in common. The demo is quite small, only one map, but you can interact, have another PC join your party, buy and sell items, and fight another NPC in the new battle system. For more information on the game visit the website and don't forget to stop by the forums!

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Re: New RPG Game Demo - Tales of Torrund -  Krisc (0 replies) (2005-Apr-15)
Nice work, I look forward to seeing the finished project!

~John Sedlak

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