Xmas Contest Voting Begins! - Zero (3 replies, 2904 views) (2005-Jan-10)
Well, all submissions have ended and its time to vote, come on over to and vote!

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Re: Xmas Contest Voting Begins! -  2dcoder (0 replies) (2005-Jan-11)
For those on slow dial up like me who want to bypass the massive 800x600 splash screen, simply go here:  ;)
Re: Results? -  Eric Coleman (0 replies) (2005-Mar-2)
So who won?
Re: Xmas Contest Voting Begins! -  Lachlan87 (0 replies) (2005-Mar-2)
Dunno. I e-mailed Davidson and asked him if he could give a new estimate for when the results would be released, but I havne't got a reply yet.

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