Twisted System - terrorbite (1 reply, 27 views) (2005-Feb-9)
If anyone has played Fuzion Frenzy on the Xbox, you'll know its a party game composed of lots of smaller games, similar in a way to Mario Party. My favourite of which is called Twisted System. The game is being developed in Visual Basic 6, and uses DirectX 8. Current features include: Fullscreen anti aliasing Specular highlighting Bilinear texture filtering Alpha blending Directional lighting Texturing I can get at least 75fps (max due to v sync) using 1280x1024 res, with 32 bit colour, and 6x AA, although it can get a bit choppy with lots of obstacles. I have an Athlon XP 2500 and a Radeon 9600 card. I will be including lots of graphics options, so it should work fine on almost any PC. As you can see from the screenshot, its currently lacking final textures, and the obstacles aren't yet finished, nor is the lighting. Collision detection still needs major work. Although the tower itself is almost identical to that in the Xbox version, nothing has been lifted from that game at all. All textures, models and sound will be/are my own work when completed.

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Re: Twisted System -  Lachlan87 (0 replies) (2005-Feb-9)
Not bad! Let us know when you finish it!

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