New 2D VB Game Programming contest! - cbx (9 replies, 2643 views) (2005-Mar-12)
Just to let everyone know I am hosting a 2D vb game programming contest at [url][/url] There will only be one winner! The winning entry will recieve ...
  • VB.NET 2003 Standard
  • Windows 2000 professional SP4
  • Windows 2000 server SP4
  • Windows 2000 advanced server SP4
  • Visual cd
  • A 100 page tutorial book adapted from the full book titled "Microsoft Visual Basic.NET step by step"
  • 3cds containing the MSDN library
  • Visual Basic .NET Upgrade guide CD containing How-To Videos, Self-Study Courses, New book chapters, and technical case studies. Some of the rules for game submission are the games must be a one screener style game. Meaning the map cannot extend beyond what you see on the screen, IE: no scrolling. Think Joust, DigDug, BurgerTime, Original Donkey kong, Tetris, Dr Mario etc. Games such as 2D space shooters (like Gradius) are also allowed. This is meant to keep the game as simple as possible. For additional contest rules and details visit [url][/url]

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can u see if u got ur mail-box with free space? cause i sended u an e-mail 2 days ago and theres no reply...
Sounds like a nice contest. Unfortunetly I'm pretty much stuck with C++ from here on out, so I won't be participating.

The last VB contest is was in, *still* haven't annonunced the winners Image
And why are you stuck with c++?
Re: New 2D VB Game Programming contest! -  cbx (0 replies) (2005-Mar-13)
To Sion:
Yeah, I have also noticed that.
Is scrolling allowed like they had it in the first Zelda?  (It's only one screen, and you move to the left,top, right, or bottom of the screen to go to the next).

Re: New 2D VB Game Programming contest! -  cbx (0 replies) (2005-Mar-15)
I've thought about that and I guess I'd have to say yes. I say yes because the original Zelda for the NES was basically a series of one screen maps tied together. It was not a true side scrolling game. So yes, games that play like the original Zelda for the NES are OK.
Re: New 2D VB Game Programming contest! -  dxgame (0 replies) (2005-Mar-15)
Will contestants be able to use 3rd party .dll's, controls, and such? We can submit the source for the VB code that controls the game but we would not be able to submit the source for any external dll's, controls, etc.
Re: New 2D VB Game Programming contest! -  cbx (0 replies) (2005-Mar-15)
Yep that's fine, If you wish to use third party graphics libraries/Controls/Dll's etc you can but the core game engine needs to written in vb (or
Re: New 2D VB Game Programming contest! -  dxgame (0 replies) (2005-Mar-17)
Excellent! :)

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