Simple Shooter Demo - dxgame (2 replies, 2377 views) (2005-Mar-12)
This simple shooter was coded in less than 2 hours. This might bring a smile to some of you shoot-em-up coders. :) You can download the demo [url=""]here[/url] For more information about the DXGame Engine, please visit our website: [url][/url]

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Re: Simple Shooter Demo -  hotrodx (0 replies) (2005-Mar-28)
Nice demo! It ran very smoothly on my machine (8MB s3 Savage4, Pentium III-550), although there were some black outlines in the upperleft side of my plane, and some strips of line on the ocean-- but I really think it's a videocard issue (so make a mental note of Savage4 users).
Keep up the good work!
Re: Simple Shooter Demo -  dxgame (0 replies) (2005-Mar-28)
Thanks for checking the demo out Hotrod! Hmm.. the black outlines ofcourse has me concerned. No one else has reported this about our demos. But I did read something about this last year that certain cards were rendering weird outlines when using point sprites, billboards, quads, etc. Thanks for the heads up, will do some research. :)

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