Loradon 2.1 - A new version of a great old game! - VBStrider (0 replies, 1793 views) (2005-May-28)
Loradon 2.1 brings many changes to Loradon. Have friends in the game that you want to keep track of? Well, with the new buddy list feature, you can keep track, and easily private message someone without typing out a long command. Do you wish you could show off your newest armor to your friends? The new skinning system takes care of this, and makes the armor and weapons that you have equipped visible on your character for everyone to see! Running out of space in your bank? Loradon 2.1 fixes this with a bank that is more than three times the size of the bank in 2.0! Also, if you lost items in 2.0 as a result of the bank bug, you will find them back in your bank in 2.1. Need to safely trade some valuable items with another player? This is solved with the new trade window, which guarantees the safety of your items. Do you wonder why it's always daytime in Loradon? With the new day/night system, time seems more real while playing. Afraid of Loradon being hacked? With security beefed up in 2.1, you won't have to worry about this.

2.1 also brings about a brand-new GUI, with many new features. You can close the chatbox, and re-open it if you wish. This comes in handy when there is a conversation going on that is annoying you, or you just want to enjoy loradon in peace. After all, ignorance is bliss! Other changes to the GUI include new buttons, new statistic bars, fullscreen and windowed options, a new menu when you are exiting, and many other things.

A lot of general new features have been added, such as being able to drop/deposit multiple un-stackable items, fishing has been fixed up a bit, and of course, the larger bank.

If you have never played Loradon before, now is the perfect time to come and play. With all these new features, Loradon is more enjoyable than it has ever been. If you have played, your accounts will be usable with the new client. At Loradon, we do our best to make sure that we NEVER have to have a player account wipe. Accounts can be created on the "account" link on, and the game can be downloaded by going to the download section on the site. Also, if you are coming to Loradon, or wish to check it out, join our forums and introduce yourself!

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