Mission Demolition Released - loonycoder (3 replies, 2844 views) (2004-Dec-28)
Mission Demolition is an arcade style shoot-em-up with plenty of aliens, explosions and weaponry powerups. Take your advanced prototype space combat craft and let those invaders know what you think of them! This is the first game I have released for the public to play. It was programmed in VB6 for DirectX7, it took about 2 weeks for all the important work to be done, a while longer to touch up the graphics. The sound is functional (I shall say no more) Screenshots and basic information can be found at my homepage [url=""]here[/url] Direct download link for the game [url=""]here[/url]

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Re: Mission Demolition Released -  cjb0087 (2 replies) (2004-Dec-30)
I'm going to be critical in this post, Take it as constructve crtiscism

Overall it's a good game, but with some flaws I'm going to highlight here.

  1. The readme.txt isn't very helpful at explaining things, like key layouts and weapons.
  2. The music, it is extremely repetative, a way to turn it off would be good.
  3. The game isnt 'fast' enough for my liking, maybe the music would be something to do with this.
Re: Mission Demolition Released -  cjb0087 (1 reply) (2004-Dec-30)
whoa forum bug, it the news rply section the linespaceing is HUGE!, but viewing the post by iteself it looks normal Image
Re: fourm bug -  Eric Coleman (0 replies) (2004-Dec-30)
Hey, thanks for finding that bug :-)

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