The Save VB Petition! - Eric Coleman (6 replies, 2869 views) (2005-Mar-15)
[quote]A petition for the development of unmanaged Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications[/quote] This petition was started on March 8, and as of this post it already has 222 Microsoft MVP's signed on. Considering that BASIC was the very [url=""]first[/url] product that Microsoft ever sold, I totaly agree with this petition. Microsoft shouldn't abandon that which made it great. I also have thousands and thousands of lines of code written in "classic" vb, which is impossible to convert to Visual Fred, so yes I'm biased, and I have every right to be. This petition, if you don't read technology news websites, has been around a bit. [url=",10801,100367,00.html"]Computer World[/url] has a nice article about the petition. More references can be found [url=""]here[/url], [url=""]here[/url] and [url=""]here[/url].

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Re: The Save VB Petition! -  ballistik (0 replies) (2005-Mar-16)
I'm with you on this Eric, I signed this as soon as I heard about it.
Re: The Save VB Petition! -  VBBR (0 replies) (2005-Mar-16)
I've signed it. [:)]
(and you know my initials now [:P])
Re: The Save VB Petition! -  Eric Coleman (0 replies) (2005-Mar-16)
woot! Image
Re: The Save VB Petition! -  cbx (0 replies) (2005-Mar-17)
At first I thought it was a silly idea. Only because I am a die hard VB.NET user. But after reading more about the petition I came to agree with the points that were made. Inparticular, visual studio integrating C++ and C# and allowing for a more smooth transition from one language to the other. To be fair, I think MS should do the same for VB6. Or at least agree to release the source code for VB6 to the public at some point, in a show of good faith.
I also signed the petition as well.
Re: The Save VB Petition! -  hotrodx (0 replies) (2005-Mar-27)
I signed, too. But I must admit, it's a bit... Quixotic.
Re: The Save VB Petition! -  Machaira (0 replies) (2005-May-5)
I used VB3-6 for years and I'm now using VS.NET exclusively, even with unmanaged C++ projects. While I agree with people in that they shouldn't have to upgrade their apps to VB.NET there's nothing forcing them to do so. They can continue to develop applications with VB6 if that's what they want to do. You can't expect MS to support old technology indefinitely however. It's not cost effective. This argument comes out every time a new version is released. I remember it well in the transition from VB3 to VB4 and when VB6 was released.
The one thing I agree with would be MS making it open-source to allow people to fix or add to it. I don't expect MS to tie themselves to it forever.

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