Adventures of Lolo - masterbooda (39 replies, 3701 views) (2005-Apr-26)
The first official game of DaBooda Turbo is done!

Adventures of Lolo, a NES Classic, revamped DaBooda Turbo Style. You have played it before, seen it remade 100 times, but trust me this version is totally worth a play.

Features include:

  •  All 50 original game levels, and game emulated to about 98% of the original.

  •  New Menu Sytem that makes navigating the game and options 100% easier.

  •  New built in Editor makes the game that much better. Now make your own levels and share with friends.

  •  The graphics have been revamped and now encompass a 32bit color scheme.

  •  The music has been updated into .mp3 quality.

  •  DaBooda features make this game sizzle with its advanced overlay, map, and sprite functionality.

  •  The game comes with a comprehensive help file, if one needs it.

Download this game today, its free and fun. If you own the original play that first then compare the two. Enjoy... and you can get the game here Adventures of 2.59 mb . Just extract to any where on your pc and play.

This game built with the power of DaBooda Turbo v1.4 .dll and VB5. If you do not have DaBooda Turbo v1.4 installed, you can get that at DaBooda Turbo or download it directly here 210kb .

DaBooda 8-bit Team out..........more to come.....

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Re: Adventures of Lolo -  masterbooda (0 replies) (2005-Apr-26)
I do believe, in my infinite wisdom, I must have gave Eric the wrong url's to the day I will submit everything right, lol.  Here they are if you are curious to what the game looks like:
Sorry for the inconvience and I apologize Eric....
DaBooda out.....
P.S.  I just know how people will not download without a screen shot, including
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  Sion (0 replies) (2005-Apr-26)
DaBooda, a man of mystery.
He spends most of his time in hiding; plotting, scheming and creating gaming technologies of such a unique character that most people canít comprehend it. He rarely surfaces from the laboratories in his underground lair. But when he does it signals the unveiling of great things.
The first outposts to observe him out of his secret lair ignites the signal fire to alert the other outposts. One by one the outposts light their fires, and people peep out of their huts to see what all the commotion is about. When they realise what has happened the villages are gripped with euphoria and the villagers rush out on the savannah to meet up at the ritual meeting point.
They know that this mystical person will bring with him strange and wonderful creations. They have witnessed this before. But this time he has brought something beyond their imagination.
I rarely use words this big, but this game is really truly amazingly brilliant!
I havenít played Lolo, but this is a fantastic puzzle game with great tactical elements, and outstanding level design (although I guess youíve borrowed the designs from the original game)!
I played straight through the first 1/3 of the time, and only stopped because I had to get something to eat. Iíve already convinced my little sister to install it on her computer (it would also be a great learning experience in thinking logically Ė sheís only 9).

Great stuff, DaBooda Ė glad that you managed to get the game done. And done this extremely well! The best Visual Basic game in ages! Image
Thank you!
(Ps. Sorry for the overly dramatic intro, I got a bit caught in the moment Image) )
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  Scorpion_Blood (0 replies) (2005-Apr-26)
booda booda lol the pocky is affecting u lol (in the good way) :D
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  2dcoder (0 replies) (2005-Apr-26)
:( Dissapointed. Runs in a very low res (320x240??) and therefore is uncompatible with my main pc. I had to run it on an older pc to make it work. Yah, I've never played Lolo so I was expecting alot more by the hype. Dont get me wrong, it's a cute simple game but probably would be better suited for a VB/GDI Windowed app with source example than hyping it up as a "sizzling, revamped, 32bit, etc,etc" game. Now with that out of the way, if this is the software console thing you were working on then I am TRULY impressed with the render engine and I can't wait to have a go with it! I would love to have access to a retro engine that does all the rotation, alpha, etc, via software.
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  2dcoder (0 replies) (2005-Apr-26)
edit: I must be s-s-s-sstupid. I didn't install Turbo 1.4 with the download so I must have already had it. It didn't click that this was coded in DirectX via the DaboodaTurbo dll. Sorry for the software render verbage. 
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  masterbooda (0 replies) (2005-Apr-26)
I will admit 2dcoder, this game only uses about fifth of DaBooda's capability.  But that is the point, its an old console type game, so I kept that element.  I could have made it bigger, badder, more lights and glory, but I feel I would have ruined it.  Now my next project, yes, it will hopefully sizzle your yes, you are getting a look at what console is going to behave and view like.  Console came to me, while creating this game
With that said, thanks sion, for that response, I am glad you like the game that much.  If you finish it and realize what pocky is, don't tell scorpion, he needs to finish the game to find out...oh and yes the idea wasn't mine, that was the great minds of HAL, I just brought the game to the pc(and made it a little
DaBooda out...
P.S.  I hope you at least enjoy the game 2dcoder, lol, and the source will be released here soon.  I just want the game to circulate a little bit.   
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  Scorpion_Blood (0 replies) (2005-Apr-26)
lol and i will finish the game ;)
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  Crysstaafur (0 replies) (2005-Apr-26)
Even after finishing the game, and seeing the ending... I was left thinking, there has to be more. I then remembered the work I did on the custom levels. Thank you for including those and even some I didn't even know about. ;)

I like the idea of having the clock built into the game,as it kinda has a time challenge feel that other games have. This definately was worth the wait!

Has anyone had the chance to try this game out on WINE for Linux?
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  Crysstaafur (0 replies) (2005-Apr-26)
Btw... if it also helps.. some of the custom levels I did are like mini tutorials on how to use the tools and techniques through out the game..

Masterbooda.. what do you think of having a custom level exchange page for lolo (and other games) on the up coming website?
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  ballistik (0 replies) (2005-Apr-27)
Great job booda!
A very well-done rendition of this game!
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  2dcoder (3 replies) (2005-May-2)
Just a heads up, your "legal stuff" states the game is 100% legal. Just because you code a remake doesn't make it legal at all. I saw some pics of the older nes version. If you are using their likeness, character names, etc. You could be sued. But then again anybody could for pong, space invaders, etc. I wouldn't worry about it, but you are sadly mistaken if you think it's a "legal version" just because you coded it from scratch. If that was the case, we could all code versions of our favorite games, etc, and sell them, give them away, etc,etc. But luckily for lawyers, it doesn't work like that. And actually, every site that links to your game could be sued as well. ;) Just like a band can't legally record a cover song without getting permission (1000's do though) programmers can't re-code a game "legally" without getting permission. ;)
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  Scorpion_Blood (2 replies) (2005-May-2)
hmm but he isnt selling it, is dont get profit of nothing from it :\
Re: Pardoy -  Eric Coleman (1 reply) (2005-May-2)
Disclarimer: I am not a lawyer.  Software is tricky.  Technically the written work, (the source code), is original work even though it accomplished the same thing, so he couldn't be sued for that.  I don't know if the artwork is the same, I never played the original game.  In terms of artwork and music, if those are similar then you could be sued for that. I don't know if anyone has a patent on the game play, but that's something to consider.  Apple and Microsoft have patents on their GUI and the functionality of their GUI, and someone could probably start patenting those concepts in games.  Of course, patents, copyrights, and trade marks are all different concepts in terms of the law, but you can still be sued for infringing on any of them.

The only protection that I know of is to create a parody of the game.  However, I don't think this work as it is could be classified as a parody.  If you were to change the graphics to something else, such as pictures of the U.S. President, then you could probably argue that version of the game as a parody.  Their could still be one remaining problem.  A company could still file a lawsuit against you to bring you to court even though they may not win, it will cost you lots of money for legal fees.  This tactic is used to bankrupt people into doing what the larger company wants them to do.

Of course, there really is no money in this sort of game. I can't imagine Lolo 2 outselling Halo 2.
Re: Pardoy -  Scorpion_Blood (0 replies) (2005-May-2)
that could be a surprise... lolo 2 top selling game lol :p
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  2dcoder (0 replies) (2005-May-2)
"Technically the written work, (the source code), is original work even though it accomplished the same thing, so he couldn't be sued for that."
Like I said earlier, if this was the case we could all freely code clones of our favorite games and sell them OR give them away. It's the EXACT same legal priniciple as a band recording a cover of another group's song. Legally you have to get permission and buy a license to do it. Even if you aren't selling it, you have to get a license. And yes, Dabood isn't going to get sued for Lolo, but his documentation makes it appear he did the legal research and therefore in electronic form thought he was ok to pronounce his version as legal. (Which also gives the end user a false representaton of the game, as if it's a licensed version.) Again, there's plenty of data on the internet to support this discussion. I know there have been shockwave games removed from sites because the original owner stepped in. These comments are not meant as anything negative towards Dabooda, the more I learn about his programming efforts the more impressed I become. But if he thinks he's protected somehow and is really coding "legal" games this way, he is sadly mistaken. It's always ok to do stuff like this, until you get caught. ;)
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  Crysstaafur (4 replies) (2005-May-3)
Eric pretty much nailed it on the money.. but if you *really* want the long version... enjoy! ;)

What I can say is that a 'black box' method was used in making the game. This means in plain Engish, to operate said product in it's intended way, study the behavior of said product in operation, make separate notes for the observed behavior of said product, then use the notes and not the product to make one's own product. Very tedious stuff to do, particularly with software. This would mean to play the game on it's intended console (emu's are a grey line here...), then play the heck out of it, making notes of behavior such as A.I, effects of items, etc.. then use only the notes to make a cloned game. The result is a source code that is geniunely not owned nor created by the original's party, nor infringing their rights in any way. (unlike ripping code deliberately which one *may* be asking for trouble!)
If blackbox methods were considered problematic in a legal sense, coders (professional and hobbyist) would be nailed left and right (right alongside other innovators of other research based technologies...)

Here is a site that the meat of RE and IP rights covered in a clear and intelligible manner...

If you need further details you can email masterbooda or even Jolly Rogers.
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  2dcoder (3 replies) (2005-May-3)
Don't take anyone's advice on this except for your laywer. I can't believe you seriously think any programmer reading this thread can simply create their own version of any game distributed and legally be able to sell it or give it away for free. Do you REALLY think we can start a team, code our own clone of Halo 2, use different graphics and distribute it legally?
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  Crysstaafur (2 replies) (2005-May-3)
There are several things to consider:
Are you doing this project for profit->Then forget it.
Are you doing this project while it's original is on the market -> TfI..
Are you doing this project by using any or part of it's code->TfI..
Are you doing this project using the original resources-> TfI..
If the above four dont' apply.. then what would the opposite mean??

Keeping a gem alive that has been abandoned.
If you doing this out of pure altruism then there should be no problem *if*
you are not using any of the original resources.
Additionally you would be surprised how many products are made using only
notes written by someone else...
There are at least 10 or 20 court cases that basically lay down how IP should be treated by anyone who is RE for cultural preservation reasons.

To answer you last question, in a word.. just one word.
NO! That won't happen because in that single sentence you've already contradicted at least 3 of the 4 things I listed above that are no no's...
Further in that question lacks an important detail (assuming the other 3 could worked around, which won't). How would you go about making your code for your Halo2 clone? Remember, pinching code for professional purposes is *seriously* frowned upon.

In spite of the above, I do understand the spirit in which you posting your post and I agree.. if you are going to do an Altruistic, cultural preservation open source project of a game that is no longer on the market, you gotta watch what you are doing in terms of IP and RE... I am confident I've done my fair share of research, but it does help to have legal representation. More importantly by knowing where you stand before hand, will allow your legal arbitrator to focus on more important research to your favor...

If anything these past few threads we've made at least achieved one thing.. allowing the vb community to be aware of what's tolerated and what's not in regards to the gaming community.

Out of curiousity, have you posted anything to the vb community? You seem to a have a knack for certain things that would benefit the coding community.
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  2dcoder (1 reply) (2005-May-3)
Not trying to hijack this thread too much, sorry, should have probably posted in the forum. ;) It's the same reason you don't see popular music sites allowing cover bands to post their covers of other artist's music. If you think I'm wrong, take the time to upload your game (as is) to and see if it gets approved. I'd be shocked if they allowed the game to be downloaded from their site. Looking over this thread, it's kind of ammusing we're talking about a what, 20 year old game? But still it's important for other coders to understand.
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  Eric Coleman (0 replies) (2005-May-4)
This isn't the same as music.  For music the use of the lyrics is an infringement of copyright.  If you write your own lyrics then everything is OK.  Same for the actual music, if you write your own music then you can't be sued for it.  Just replace the word "lyrics" with the words "source code."  If you write your own code then you've created an original body of work.  This is how Linux was created.  It's a clone of Unix, but the source code for the programs were written by someone else.  It's really a technicality of what's "written" (lyrics, sheet music, source code) as opposed to what it does (a song, a program).
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  hotrodx (0 replies) (2005-May-4)
It's not enough just to have a different source code. A problem may arise if a remaker claims copyright of a the game being remade. If masterbooda would say that "Adventures of Lolo (C)2005 Masterbooda", then there would be a problem, because even though it's his version, "Adventures of Lolo" (the concept, title, and characters-- not just A particular version) is a property of Hal. The original copyright holder should be acknowledged.
This does not guarantee that the original copyright holders will not make legal action, as Nintendo is infamously known for. However, because you are acknowledging their copyright ownership, you are yielding that they have the ultimate decision to invoke the right to keep or remove it. This "respect" is usually enough for the copyright holders to turn a blind eye.
Also, Linux, while may be a clone of Unix, is distinguishable in terms of name. "Adventures of Lolo" (by Hal) and "Adventures of Lolo" (by booda) isn't. So booda can't really say "Adventures of Lolo (C)2005, Masterbooda" because it is a registered trademark.
I made a Space Harrier game quite a while back. It features shamelessly ripped sprites and sounds. But I acknowledged the original copyright owners, and that my remake is never intended to pass off as an original. Does this make my remake any "legal"? No. Can Sega remove it if they choose to do so? Yes.
I provided a link to my remake to Sega's own official messageboards. Now was I greeted by replies about copyright infringement? Nope. I think some even liked it.
The remakes scene has been alive for quite some time now. It wouldn't have been that way if game companies just think in purely legal ways. These "gray areas" illustrate the somewhat symbiotic relationships between game publishers and gamefans.
Finally, a remake can never really surpass the original, because only the original can drive you to make a remake.
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  2dcoder (0 replies) (2005-May-4)
"This isn't the same as music.  For music the use of the lyrics is an infringement of copyright.  If you write your own lyrics then everything is OK."
Actually this is wrong as well. There are copyrights for both music and lyrics. What about orchestra music, I can't write my own symphony clone of "add famous music orchestra composer here" and sell it or release it as my own.
Ok, this has gone nowhere. Obviously alot of us have ALOT to learn about copyrights, lawsuits, infringment, etc. I think the best course of action is alot of self research and a few calls to a software or music laywer. (Like I have done over the years..)
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  masterbooda (0 replies) (2005-May-8)
Well, I step away for a week and good lord.  I apologize for remaking a game, as should all those pong remakers out there, lol.  Its a game, its old, its no longer on the market.  Now you can go online and buy a brand new copy of this game, and I encourage this, the original plays a hell of alot better than my version.  But what I mean by not on the market, is it isn't manufactured anymore.  Not to mention, I am making no profit off of this, none, nada, zip.....
Now is the real issue here; Is making a remake legal or how dare you do something unoriginal.  Because making a game is hard, it takes time and work(not to mention a clue).  I have none of these, so remakes to me are fun, and to see if I can do it is funner.  Most vb programmers are one person teams, maybe two.  And if they are artists, graphically and musically, great for them.  But most aren't, so making a game is rather tricky from scratch, not to mention, there aren't many original ideas left, in the 2d realm.  Most games even if original, pertain elements from many if I made a remake, sorry, but I will keep doing so, because I am doing this for fun.
Now is it wrong, probably.  I know that it is wrong, but it would be more wrong to do the whole game, and then claim all credit; I claimed none.  Except maybe the remaking of, for that is a product that I made.  In totalality, this argument is mute, for it serves no purpose, except maybe a warning for those wishing to make profit, you make profit, better be original.  Now who can sue me, only HAL can, Nintendo cannot, because I remade nothing of theirs.  Is HAL still in business, I don't know, probably not.  But I believe they aren't going to make a fuss over this.
If my remaking of this game becomes a legal issue, then watch out hotrodx for that mario remake(which rocked), lol.  Not to mention all those stupid midi reproductions out there, or pong(guilty), or etc... Now what can I do to make this right, or should I just keep making games, because most people enjoyed this, so I will keep trucking along...
DaBooda out... 
P.S. The graphics where done by hand, anyone who has played the original will know this, done with PSP.  The music was done by hand, thankfully NES Music is easy(only 4 music tracks), and the music in that game was especially simple loops, so therefore easy to do by ear, even for this music illiterate.  I created it in Mod Tracker, converted it to wav, then to mp3.  The sound, I will admit to ripping a little bit, called a mic, tv, nes, and sound forge for clean up(that was a pain).  Code, was me, all the way.  Had to be that way, can't read binary, lol.  The help file, me, I worded it myself, prolly sounds alot like the original because its based off the same game.  If HAL wishes to sue me, oh well, can't take money from someone without any.  And if that happens, isn't that really on me, so should it really concern anyone else??  Play the game, hate it, like it, love it...its that simple...I will continue to make remakes, I will make them even better, thats the point...peace out.
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  2dcoder (0 replies) (2005-May-8)
Dude... nice read and all but not the point. The only point I was trying to make (and others who do not know will debate this until their blue in the face) is, in your "Legal Stuff" you state (on the first line!!) "First off, this game is 100% legal." Where in reality it should be saying "First off, this is an un licensed, 100% not legal remake." That would have made sense and this conversation would not be happening. Hey if you want to code remakes that's cool, 1000's do, but they never advertise the remake as being legal, that's just bs. Perhaps you're not concerned with being sued but software sites, forums, etc, (that have alot more to risk) that think it's ok to link to your game or host the download because they READ it's 100% legal in your doc, are putting themselves at risk for your mistake in your doc file.
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  masterbooda (0 replies) (2005-May-9)
I will no longer be posting in this thread or any thread, for the arguments in here, just get more and more lower.  I really don't know what kind of issues you have 2d coder, but honestly, I did research, and yes it is legal.  I kicked myself for second guessing myself to begin with.  You obviously have too much time on your hands, and I believe you have alot to offer this community, but all I see is complaints and reasons for hating this or that.  Please redirect this infinite energy, and actually do some programming or write a tutorial.  I love negative feedback, but when that is all you see from one person who hasn't shown any work, or at least here, it begins to wear thin.
As for this website, this game is legal...nothing was exactly duplicated...exact is the operative word is fully legal, again, I repeat, it is fully legal.  You seem to be the only person with this problem. Eric wouldn't have posted the link if he thought anything was hinky with this program, honestly, do you think Eric is stupid?? Of course not, do you think I am stupid, well I am, but I researched, and the law only adheres to the code....see that...code... I will happily submit this to HAL tonight, today, right now, and guess what, nothing will happen!! Good God man, find a life, program something, I don't care.
This is my last post in here, so if Eric will please remove this thread, any other thread with my name on it, remove me, I don't care, remove the game....remove it all...please..
Peace out...
P.S. I do hope you find some kind of peace 2dcoder, start actually contributing instead of tearing down what you didn't build.  Criticism is great, but what you do goes beyond that, trust me, I'm not the only one who feels this way, hell this is supposed to be fun, I am not making money at this, I can see it, if I stole your money, but all I took was your time, thats your problem not mine....good luck and good bye...and to the vb enthusiasts...sorry but enough is enough....
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  2dcoder (0 replies) (2005-May-9)
No actually it is I who should be gone. You have contributed alot to VBGamer, the community here, I have not. I tell it like it is and that is not working obviously, especially if it makes you think you are not welcome at So if Eric should do anything, it's erase all of my comments in the news and the forum and let things stay as they have been.
I sincerly apologize to Masterbooda for making him feel this way. However, what I have posted regarding his "Legal Lolo" is the truth, hopefully such a talented coder as Masterbooda will do some more research or talk to a software lawyer to find out.
I will not post in the forum or this news area ever again. Masterbooda, please do not stop contributing to VBGamer on my account. It's not worth it.
Im gone.
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  Crysstaafur (0 replies) (2005-May-9)
it's times like this we had a global ignore option... (to avoid hassles of trolls)
I don't think leaving a neighboring community over one person is going to fix anything, booda. Let's just see what happens over the next day or two, at least to buy the moderators some time to review posts here.. I will agree you have done nothing wrong. not a thing. Other posters have said the same effectively..
time will tell..... 8P

Re: Adventures of Lolo -  PointOfLight (0 replies) (2005-May-10)
Masterbooda, I really hope you're not fleeing the scene because of this.  Frankly, I find it amuzing when a bunch of non-lawyers get together and talk legal stuff.  I've been following the mod / emulation / remake / clone scene for a long time, and I still don't strictly understand what's legal and what's not.  The truth is, as long as you're not trying to make money off of it, why worry about it unless the developers of the original come back and tell you to stop it?  Trust me, if they really care, they will.  Someone already pointed out Nintendo, and Hasbro is another great example of this.  There are other companies, such as Sierra (not Vivendi, mind you) and LucasArts who potentially support and encourage this behavior as long as it doesn't infringe on any currently marketable material of theirs.
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  PointOfLight (0 replies) (2005-May-10)
You really need an edit option on these posts Image  Anyway, I forgot to add that from the little I've played so far I like it.  Of course, I don't have the frame of reference of the original to fall back on, but it looks good.  Just out of curiosity, why do you still use VB5?
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  masterbooda (0 replies) (2005-May-12)
Dear VBGamer,
Sorry about that, was a little frazzled the other night.  I am going to push forward from here on out, and keep making games, legal or not.  I just won't even mention the game being made or anything, to keep this legal talk away.
As for POL's question, I am poor, and only own vb5.  And in all honesty, vb5 does everything I need it to do.  I created DBTurbo in vb5, but the cool thing is, dbturbo can be used in .net.  So why leave a program, that works for you?  It's like I see all these people jump onto the dx9 bandwagon, when what is funny even some of your newer commercial games still use dx7.  DX9 is not a good jump for me, because I have yet to exploit dx8 or dx7.  The same goes with vb5, but I might go to vb6 for some more compiling options.  But for .net, hell no, not even in the mood for
DaBooda out...
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  PointOfLight (0 replies) (2005-May-12)
As long as it works for you, I don't see a problem with it.  I was just being nosy.  I actually jumped from 4 to 6, but that was only because of where I work.  I haven't jumped on the .NET bandwagon either yet, at least not for VB.  C# is pretty nice, though.  I also hear you on the dx thing.  I mainly stayed with 7 (at least vs. 8) because I was ticked that they took all the 2D stuff out in version 8.  Haven't really taken a close look at 9 yet, though.

In any case, glad to see you didn't leave us Image  Hope you're really not planning on keeping future games to yourself, though.  I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to offer next.
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  masterbooda (0 replies) (2005-May-20)
For those curious, there is now an official Lolo page...
If you have made some user maps you wish to share drop me a line...
Also I will keep making games, sharing them and they will always be free.  As for open source, maybe, I really don't like the idea of people seeing my sloppy code, lol.  DBTurbo was one thing, I took allot of time to clean it up, but for my games, I kind of approach them as "It works, its done" attitude.  But I will most likely make the source public for lolo, just so people can see how some of the engine tricks are done.  I will just clean it up first, lol.
DaBooda out...
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  sdw (0 replies) (2005-May-21)
I havn't had a chance to run the game yet, but I can tell you that it does not run with the help of Wine :)  I've been working on my own Lolo clone but recently began neglecting it some more.  What's the trick to maintaining interest?
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  masterbooda (0 replies) (2005-May-21)
Believe it or not, lolo could have been done about 3 months ago.  What is the secret put it to the side, work on something else, and when the interest comes back, work on it.  I have about 50 unfinished projects on my machine, one of those is nothing but a blank form, pretty sad, right :).  If there is a secret, I wish someone would tell me too...The problem is, I pushed myself to finish lolo so hard, that I still haven't played it since releasing it, thank god to my bro for giving up his time to test frankly staring at that little blue dude another moment would send me to the mental hospital... My next few projects are going to be completely original, I don't want that to happen again... Sorry to ramble and still have no answer for you, I guess the answer is, you are like the rest of us coders, we like the thrill of uncharted waters, once something is conquered, time to find that next quest...

Peace out...
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  dxgame (0 replies) (2005-May-23)
Kudos to MasterBooda for a truly impressive version of a NES classic. You don't have to be a classic NES aficionado to appreciate this version, but if you are you're in for a treat. ;)
Re: Adventures of Lolo - MP83 (0 replies) (2006-Feb-8)
I'm a huge fan of the Eggerland series. Excellent remake, MasterBooda. :)
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  Markyjoe (0 replies) (2007-Jan-2)
Every time i try to download it, the next page states the page cannot be found. Could someone please e-mail me the game and the DaBooda Turbo stuff. I'd really appreciate it. my e-mail is
can't download ANYTHING! -  Markyjoe (0 replies) (2007-Jan-2)
Sorry for double posting, but apparently, I can't even edit my posts for some reason.
In fact, I can't download ANYTHING you have, is there something wrong with your site? Everywhere i go, I get the same page "cannot find page" bull that I can't do anything with. Is there ANY hope I can download this stuff at all?
Re: Adventures of Lolo -  Crysstaafur (0 replies) (2008-Mar-12)

The server died many years ago...
The new server is at
Alternately, you could also check out the Dabooda thread in the main forum...


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