Adventures of Lolo

4/26/2005 10:08:53 AM | Posted by: masterbooda | 39 comments
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The first official game of DaBooda Turbo is done!

Adventures of Lolo, a NES Classic, revamped DaBooda Turbo Style. You have played it before, seen it remade 100 times, but trust me this version is totally worth a play.

Features include:

  •  All 50 original game levels, and game emulated to about 98% of the original.
  •  New Menu Sytem that makes navigating the game and options 100% easier.
  •  New built in Editor makes the game that much better. Now make your own levels and share with friends.
  •  The graphics have been revamped and now encompass a 32bit color scheme.
  •  The music has been updated into .mp3 quality.
  •  DaBooda features make this game sizzle with its advanced overlay, map, and sprite functionality.
  •  The game comes with a comprehensive help file, if one needs it.

Download this game today, its free and fun. If you own the original play that first then compare the two. Enjoy... and you can get the game here Adventures of 2.59 mb . Just extract to any where on your pc and play.

This game built with the power of DaBooda Turbo v1.4 .dll and VB5. If you do not have DaBooda Turbo v1.4 installed, you can get that at DaBooda Turbo or download it directly here 210kb.

DaBooda 8-bit Team out..........more to come.....
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