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GridGames v2.2 Released

1/28/2006 6:26:45 PM | Posted by: livingtarget | 2 comments
I just released GridGames v2.2, it's an rpg without a name. Hence the name GridGames. Technically it runs in 2D, no direct x at all, just good old picture boxes. Everything is build from scratch. The sprites/sound etc. are all gathered from various resources and are not mine, but they can be considered temporary.

It's nowhere near finished but this release will give a good idea where it is heading.

* Working save/load
* Multiple players (profiles)
* Skill system (Work-in-progress)
* Buying and selling works
* Working Map Editor

I must say I'm not that much into the VB game community so I hope it's interesting enough.
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Work begun on Quest for the Crimson Lance

1/26/2006 10:59:05 PM | Posted by: Cptn-Grey | 37 comments
Work has at last begun on Quest for the Crimson Lance by Electric Gremlin Ideas. It is a graphical adventure fantasy rpg. It will feature a combat and spell system, as well as an automap feature, save game feature, and will use direct x for graphics and sound. Story is in the works. Right now I'm working on a navigation system for the game. Check the website for details.
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Prodigious escapee deluxe

1/15/2006 6:32:18 PM | Posted by: mita27 | 36 comments
The Prodigious Escapee is a non-violent ,fun & exciting puzzle game with 80 levels, a happy and cute theme music, and a level editor. The objective is to use available objects such as rocket, bomb, reflectors, launchers) to clear your way to the exit. A level editor, available in full version, allows players to create their own puzzle and share with friends.

We actually sold a few copies of this game at a price of USD 7.95. It's not a wonderful achievement but it feels great to sell a game made of VB :D .
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12/25/2005 1:33:31 PM | Posted by: xadais | 1 comment
Razormoon is going to be RPG engine/game.
It will feature graphics like final fantasy 1-6 and will have unique gameplay, the development is still in early stages, currently looking for more developers, so if you want to join the development of this project visit this web page and register on forum, in this point in time the game needs about anyone who want to help so don't hasitate!!!

Game is developed with Visual Basic 6.0 and DirectX 8.
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Surrealix releases Detritus

12/17/2005 8:41:45 PM | Posted by: surrealix | 3 comments
Surrealix has just released their second VB game, a freeware title called Detritus.

Download from
This game is a testing ground for a new particle system which is being implemented into future games. Detritus also plays in time to the music, has automatic updates, and allows for players to sumbit their scores to an online highscore table.

Race against time in a futile attempt to clear the screen of rubble.

Futile, yes. It's unfair, it's fast, and it's actually very pretty.

Download Detritus, and pit youself against the very best by submitting your scores to our Online Highscore Table.
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pretzel v0.78 (alpha)

12/13/2005 11:58:42 PM | Posted by: Threshold | 1 comment
pretzel v0.78] alpha version has just been released.

(From Mabeac Interactive)

*Space fighting ACTION! ;)
*20 ship types
*20 weapon types
*Firing up to 4 weapon groups
*Auto-aiming/heat-seeking weapons
*Real-time minimap

Ships don't have any AI yet so they're easy to kill allowing for tons of explosions!

It's nothing ultra impressive, but it has potential. We're experiencing some compatability issues, so if it doesn't work on your computer, let me know your system specs.

As of now, the game is fully customizable since all data are in scripts (any good programmer should be able to explore the app directory and find this stuff). To change what ships you want to fight, look in maps.inf. Help is on the website.

Any feedback is highly appreciated!
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VB6 and .NET "Tutorials"

12/5/2005 4:44:25 PM | Posted by: skasoftware | 43 comments
@ !

Go to the dev section, there's 3 project/tutorials available. Zomberman is the most learning-oriented, but the others are open source at least.

This is not a marketing ploy; they're all school projects.

Much thanks to, directx4vb, and of course Ryan Clark for bits that I "borrowed" here and there ;)
permanent link Tutorial Writing Contest, with cash prizes!

11/22/2005 3:15:51 PM | Posted by: gpwiki | 34 comments
The Game Programming Wiki is having a game development tutorial contest. If you think you have what it takes to write a great tutorial on some aspect of game development, you could win up to $200USD in prize money!

For more details, see the official contest page

Not only will you be helping the game development community by writing a great tutorial, but you'll have a chance at winning a cash prize at the same time! How can you lose? Sign up today!
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Natura (Beta)

10/20/2005 8:59:25 AM | Posted by: Shaedo | 46 comments
Natura was created as a university group project for a degree in Computer & Videogame Development. The game is a 2D arcadey/pinbally/puzzly type game and was coded 100% in VB6 using DirectX 8.

AIM: The aim of the game is to fill the rage bar(bottom-left of screen) by destroying the spore (fuzzy pink looking things) on the screen before the time runs out. Alternatively, a level can be completed by destroying ALL of th spore on screen, which will reward you with a "perfect" score. Element (powerup) points are available in the form of hoops in each level. By passing through the hoops you will gain a certian element (the powerup effect will run out overtime). Colliding with the spore once you have collected an element will not destroy the spore, but "stain" it in whatever element you currently have active. Spore can be stained by all 3 elements at the same time by hitting them with all 3 elements one after another (be careful though, if you hit a spore with the same element twice you will destroy it). By combining the elements in this way the rage bar will be filled faster than if you were to destroy the spore with no element. Also, when staining spore with an element, an area of effect occurs depending on the speed you are travelling at. Use Pods to manouver around the level faster. Once a level is either won or lost, press the escape key to quit.

When you complete a level, remember the time left and try to beat it. I just had a quick go and completed level 1 with 153 seconds remaining.

Confused yet?

There are bound to be a few things that I have missed out, but playing around a bit should reveal them. If you get really confused, post a comment and I'll try to explain a little better.

SPACEBAR: When inside a pod, hold down to charge and release to shoot. When outside of a pod, a temporary boost to the players speed.

ARROW KEYS: When inside a pod, the arrow keys are used to angle the pod. When outside of a pod, the arrow keys are used to give a small amount of control over the ball.

ESC: quit.

F1: display frame rate.

Anyways here is the fruit of our labour, Have fun!:

Any comments will be greatly appreciated. Please keep in mind that this is only an unfinished beta version and may still contain a few bugs.


p.s. The editor has been included. I will post a brief tutorial in the comments section when I have time.
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The quest for the 2D game engine

10/17/2005 6:52:59 PM | Posted by: justin.meza | 40 comments
A thorough tutorial covering all aspects of the creation of a single player game engine in VB.
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10/5/2005 11:37:45 AM | Posted by: Sutunc | Post a comment
GamersAtWork is currently working on several engines to take vb MMORPG's to a newer level. We took the engine called ORE made by and we added some really cool stuff so now it really is a good start for your dream MMORPG!! It's as easy as it is possible!! Some of the features include:
-Different Item Types
-Easy Interface
-Chat on the screen like Ultima Online
and lots more! We plan to make updates every week.. More info can be found on our web site!
permanent link & WilzModz join forces!

9/25/2005 1:32:52 PM | Posted by: Intrigue | Post a comment
After discussions in early September, WilzModz ( and intriguegames ( joined forces in order to develop Black Echelon.

Black Echelon is role-playing game programmed in Visual Basic. Although will effectively take over responsility for graphics and interface design, WilzModz will continue to program the game engine.

It is hoped Black Echelon will be released in 2007, although now official dates have been released yet.
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VB Gaming site.

9/25/2005 9:07:37 AM | Posted by: James Pezold | Post a comment
I have started my own Visual Basic gaming site, most of the code is written in OpenGL, all of the projects and games you see at my site are open source. check it out at
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2D Tank game w/ source

9/23/2005 9:30:17 PM | Posted by: Anonymous | 1 comment
Download a mini game that lets you pilot a tank in 360 degress of motion. You must destroy incoming tanks and avoid their bullets. Uses DirectX 8.0 for alpha-blending, rotation, and other effects. Full source code included.

WASD - move tank
Arrows keys - move turret
Spacebar - fire

Download: (1.40 MB)
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VBgamer Open-source Section!

8/20/2005 2:01:02 PM | Posted by: Spodi | Post a comment
I have talked to Eric Coleman and we have decided to put up a section the forums dedicated to Open-source VB games and engines (Forum link on top of the site). What we will need is all of YOUR help trying to complete this list and bring back more action and fun to VBgamer!
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Survival Crisis Z 2 and Totally Screwed

8/18/2005 5:54:08 PM | Posted by: Spodi | Post a comment
Jim of Totally Screwed has released a new game to add to his collection of game releases that defy all other games in terms of blood and gore. Totally Screwed has been around for a while, slowly releasing games one by one as Jim pounds down the work on them, and the games have become popular enough to be sold, a very uncommon thing for a Visual Basic game. Even more uncommon, Jim has managed to get gaming magazines to acually include his games in their demo CDs!

Totally Screwed has been around for some time now, each game progressivly getting bloodier and better. So far, Jim has popped out 4 retail games - amazing for a VB programmer. These games consist of the following:
-Zombie Smashers X 2
-Survival Crisis Z (my favorite)
-Zombie Smashers X
-Blood Zero(great RPG)

Zombie Smashers X (2): Zombie Smashers is based off the old SNES game River City Ransom, a 2d sidescroller with 3 buttons - punch, kick and jump. Though, a RPG element is added with the ability to pick up little bouncing coins off dead bodies that can be used to buy food to increase your life or even your stats, making you stronger. The demo for both of these are pretty short, but still very good.

Survival Crisis Z: A horrible disease has spread across the world, and you and a handful of survivors are stuck in the middle of it. Chaos has broke out everywhere, and it is now up to two groups: The Rebels and The SWAT. With sort of a 3d-like GTA2 feel, you can do small jobs for the Rebels and the SWAT, killing zombies and mutant dogs, whether it is clensing out a dead-infested church of disease-barfing zombies or trying to safely take a civilian safely across town to a new destination. In Survival Crisis Z, you have the ability to take over the occupied buildings via a "Hostile Takeover". Based upon a certain difficulty level, you may either be ambushed by 1000 zombies and mutants that you have to kill, or a few hundred SWAT members with rifles. To take over the building, you must kill everyone and everything that enters your building during the hostile takeover. Once you take over a building, you can sleep there for free, and the maximum number of members able to join your party, along with their weapon technology level, increases. Also, you will start gaining $0.20 per zombie killied (game money) per building you own. Watch out NPCs, this town belongs to Spodi....!

Blood Zero: A classic creation by Jim. This is his only true RPG game, and a goodie it is. Real-time fighting, blood everywhere, zombies and ninjas coming from every point of existance. The NPCs are very good fighting in this game, and each character has their own style of weapon and skill. A LONG demo is included, enough to keep you gasping for more. Not more then once I've wanted to buy this game myself. Defently worth checking out, much different playstyle then every RPG you will play, and different for the better!
Enjoy your Zombie and Ninja killing!
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Per-Pixel Lighting with Stencil Volume Shadows

8/13/2005 8:48:34 AM | Posted by: CadeF | 8 comments
This is a demo with source code (well commented) using AgrDX(DirectX 8.1) and VB. It demonstrates using per-pixel lighting and high-performance stencil volume shadows in 2d. And I have never seen anything like this, so I didnt think this was possible in VB... ;)

More demos and source code/tutorials can be found at my web site,
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AirStrike 1.1+ v1.11

8/12/2005 6:47:42 PM | Posted by: Athiril | 8 comments
AirStrike 1.1+ v1.11 released, first version since 1.0 to be relased, I know this has been a long time coming... I just stopped working on everything for a very damn long time... if anyone remembers at all.

Run Launcer.exe and configure the options to your liking, even adjust the speed of the game, import your playlist for your on music, click on okay to save playlist and options, click on Play to play game, if you're happy with the options and playlist as they are, you can run AirStrike.exe directly to go straight into the game.

Major updates, with more to come.

Download is under 300KB, instead of 12MB like last time, because there is no music included, however there is a Playlist Editor if you run Launcer.exe and go into options, it will allow you to import M3U (Winamp) and WPL (Windows Media Player 9 etc) playlist files.

Still to finish: web update module, online MySQL DB high scores submission module, proper dockbar, graphics overhaul (rendered sprites, rendered scrolling background), new monsters, new weapons, missiles, etc.

Written in pure Visual Basic 6, with DirectX7 (DirectDraw) and FMOD.

After the schedule is completed for all features, it will be ported over to C++ (though I wont be adbandoning the VB scene) and evolve a little further before starting the next three projects in planning.

Website (nothing there atm except logo... just got new hostng)

Download Link

I would like comments, and definately suggestions for improvement if anyone would care to post them.

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Retro game contest at

7/23/2005 8:30:26 PM | Posted by: kaleb_zero | Post a comment
The website is starting a new contest - The theme is retro, basically anything that you'd see on a pre-1988 computer/console - 8 bit graphics, low-resolution.

The deadline for submissions is October 18th. For additional information and contest rules goto:
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NemoX 3D engine website has moved

6/29/2005 3:06:24 AM | Posted by: NemoX 3D Engine | Post a comment
Hello VB gamer people

NemoX is A 3D engine written in Visual Basic .It provides fast methods to manage 3D geometry throught DirectX 8.1. The web site includes tutorials, demos, source code and SDK with more than 50 detailled samples.

It supports many kind of models like Quake 2 MD2, Quake 3 MD3, halflife MDL, .X, .ASE, .OBJ, Milskshape 3D, milkshape Ascii.

Check it out at
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