Survival Crisis Z 2 and Totally Screwed - Spodi (0 replies, 2663 views) (2005-Aug-18)
Jim of Totally Screwed has released a new game to add to his collection of game releases that defy all other games in terms of blood and gore. Totally Screwed has been around for a while, slowly releasing games one by one as Jim pounds down the work on them, and the games have become popular enough to be sold, a very uncommon thing for a Visual Basic game. Even more uncommon, Jim has managed to get gaming magazines to acually include his games in their demo CDs!

Totally Screwed has been around for some time now, each game progressivly getting bloodier and better. So far, Jim has popped out 4 retail games - amazing for a VB programmer. These games consist of the following:
-Zombie Smashers X 2
-Survival Crisis Z (my favorite)
-Zombie Smashers X
-Blood Zero (great RPG)

Zombie Smashers X (2): Zombie Smashers is based off the old SNES game River City Ransom, a 2d sidescroller with 3 buttons - punch, kick and jump. Though, a RPG element is added with the ability to pick up little bouncing coins off dead bodies that can be used to buy food to increase your life or even your stats, making you stronger. The demo for both of these are pretty short, but still very good.

Survival Crisis Z: A horrible disease has spread across the world, and you and a handful of survivors are stuck in the middle of it. Chaos has broke out everywhere, and it is now up to two groups: The Rebels and The SWAT. With sort of a 3d-like GTA2 feel, you can do small jobs for the Rebels and the SWAT, killing zombies and mutant dogs, whether it is clensing out a dead-infested church of disease-barfing zombies or trying to safely take a civilian safely across town to a new destination. In Survival Crisis Z, you have the ability to take over the occupied buildings via a "Hostile Takeover". Based upon a certain difficulty level, you may either be ambushed by 1000 zombies and mutants that you have to kill, or a few hundred SWAT members with rifles. To take over the building, you must kill everyone and everything that enters your building during the hostile takeover. Once you take over a building, you can sleep there for free, and the maximum number of members able to join your party, along with their weapon technology level, increases. Also, you will start gaining $0.20 per zombie killied (game money) per building you own. Watch out NPCs, this town belongs to Spodi....!

Blood Zero: A classic creation by Jim. This is his only true RPG game, and a goodie it is. Real-time fighting, blood everywhere, zombies and ninjas coming from every point of existance. The NPCs are very good fighting in this game, and each character has their own style of weapon and skill. A LONG demo is included, enough to keep you gasping for more. Not more then once I've wanted to buy this game myself. Defently worth checking out, much different playstyle then every RPG you will play, and different for the better!
Enjoy your Zombie and Ninja killing!

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