pretzel v0.78 (alpha)

12/13/2005 11:58:42 PM | Posted by: Threshold | 1 comment
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pretzel v0.78] alpha version has just been released.

(From Mabeac Interactive)

*Space fighting ACTION! ;)
*20 ship types
*20 weapon types
*Firing up to 4 weapon groups
*Auto-aiming/heat-seeking weapons
*Real-time minimap

Ships don't have any AI yet so they're easy to kill allowing for tons of explosions!

It's nothing ultra impressive, but it has potential. We're experiencing some compatability issues, so if it doesn't work on your computer, let me know your system specs.

As of now, the game is fully customizable since all data are in scripts (any good programmer should be able to explore the app directory and find this stuff). To change what ships you want to fight, look in maps.inf. Help is on the website.

Any feedback is highly appreciated!

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