AirStrike 1.1+ v1.11

8/12/2005 6:47:42 PM | Posted by: Athiril | 8 comments
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AirStrike 1.1+ v1.11 released, first version since 1.0 to be relased, I know this has been a long time coming... I just stopped working on everything for a very damn long time... if anyone remembers at all.

Run Launcer.exe and configure the options to your liking, even adjust the speed of the game, import your playlist for your on music, click on okay to save playlist and options, click on Play to play game, if you're happy with the options and playlist as they are, you can run AirStrike.exe directly to go straight into the game.

Major updates, with more to come.

Download is under 300KB, instead of 12MB like last time, because there is no music included, however there is a Playlist Editor if you run Launcer.exe and go into options, it will allow you to import M3U (Winamp) and WPL (Windows Media Player 9 etc) playlist files.

Still to finish: web update module, online MySQL DB high scores submission module, proper dockbar, graphics overhaul (rendered sprites, rendered scrolling background), new monsters, new weapons, missiles, etc.

Written in pure Visual Basic 6, with DirectX7 (DirectDraw) and FMOD.

After the schedule is completed for all features, it will be ported over to C++ (though I wont be adbandoning the VB scene) and evolve a little further before starting the next three projects in planning.

Website (nothing there atm except logo... just got new hostng)

Download Link

I would like comments, and definately suggestions for improvement if anyone would care to post them.


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