GridGames v2.2 Released

1/28/2006 6:26:45 PM | Posted by: livingtarget | 2 comments
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I just released GridGames v2.2, it's an rpg without a name. Hence the name GridGames. Technically it runs in 2D, no direct x at all, just good old picture boxes. Everything is build from scratch. The sprites/sound etc. are all gathered from various resources and are not mine, but they can be considered temporary.

It's nowhere near finished but this release will give a good idea where it is heading.

* Working save/load
* Multiple players (profiles)
* Skill system (Work-in-progress)
* Buying and selling works
* Working Map Editor

I must say I'm not that much into the VB game community so I hope it's interesting enough.
screenshot screenshot screenshot

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