Using Zip Files In VB Part 1

Project Settings

Before you add files to the DLL, you need to turn off a default setting that can cause some compile errors for this project.

From the Project menu, click on "Settings."  This brings up the project settings window.  There are lots of tabs and within each tab there can be many more pages of settings.

The first thing you need to do is select "All Configurations" from the "Settings For:" drop down combo box in the top left of the window.  By default there are two configuration settings, Win32 Release and Win32 Debug.  Selecting "All Configurations" allows you to do this only once.

Next, find and select the "C/C++" tab.

Once you're on this tab, there is a dropdown combo box called "Category."  Select "Precompiled Headers" from the list.  As you can see, each option in the category list changes what options are visible in the window.

Finally, select "Not using precompiled headers" and then click OK.  Here is a screenshot of what you should see:


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Tutorial Console

Tutorial by:

Eric Coleman

Date: 2005 May 23



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Is it possible to get the code for the later parts of this article?

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