Old Visual Basic code repository - Almar (3 replies, 12117 views) (2006-Jun-13)
Hi everyone,

Recently I was sorting out my harddrive and found my reasonably sized collection of old source code. I whipped up a simple page which allows you to download them.

There's about 100 files, nearly all about game programming with Visual Basic. Some true classics out there like the first VB 'RTS' called "Jump Point Ion", and the old Truevision7 and 8 engine source!

VB Code repository.

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Re: Old Visual Basic code repository -  cbx (0 replies) (2006-Jun-14)
lol Dude you created menace! That was a cool demo, way back when. And I still have it burried on my drive! I even have the old truevision 7 code as well. Ah, to reminice...
Re: Old Visual Basic code repository -  Almar (0 replies) (2006-Jun-16)
I did not make Menace which you found there. Menace was made by the person behind Unlimited Realities. not Persistent Realities. :).
Re: Old Visual Basic code repository -  VBBR (0 replies) (2006-Jun-16)
Hey Almar, you're Alive :)

I have an interesting proposal for you (for some time already to be honest :P).

I'm gonna mail you through the website. If you don't receive anything in days please tell me :P

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