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SidraX Source Code is RELEASED!

12/23/2004 9:13:05 PM | Posted by: mack | 1 comment
Hello everyone! I have posted here once and I am now back to post again. After much thought, we at Sidra decided to release the source code for the public.

To get the screenshot, head over to, fill the form out (your information is kept private, don't worry!).

If the above site is not working, try this mirror instead.

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Snorlack's Treasure Goes Gold

12/13/2004 7:39:10 AM | Posted by: Matt_Giuca | 8 comments
This text-based RPG from the makers of Rul'Shath: The Isle of Blood, sports a full roleplaying system, complete with inventory, character classes, twenty-five unique spells, hireable companions, turn-based/decision-based combat, and a stat-based character system. Also includes the complete manual and strategy guide you've come to expect from Summit. Journey through fifteen dungeon levels, or out into the wilderness as you battle fifty unique monster types and bosses.

Are you brave enough to take on the mighty Dragon Snorlack, and claim his treasure, or will you let the land of Tar'Nethyr fall to the darkness...?

After over four years in development, Snorlack's Treasure is finally fully balanced and complete, with no known bugs and a good balance of easy/hard throughout the game. What are you waiting for?
Download it!
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Xmas Contest is Ready!

12/8/2004 8:22:26 AM | Posted by: Zero | 15 comments
Okay guys the site to submit your games is ready! Voting is not yet complete but, it will be in another few days, untill then go check out the site and submit your games. The new late dates will be; Submit untill January 5th, and Vote till February. The winner will be announced in March.

See you there!
Merry Christmas
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VBGaming Christmas tree contest

12/6/2004 5:52:22 AM | Posted by: Almar | 7 comments
The VB Gaming Christmas tree contest is open again! This contest is meant for the VB Gaming community only.

Simply upload a photo of your Christmas tree, and maybe it receives the Best tree award for 2004.

Goto the contest

Last years best and worst Christmas tree:

Results 2003
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Christmas Contest 2004!

12/1/2004 9:01:20 AM | Posted by: Zero | 12 comments
Well, since VBGamer will not be hosting the christmas contest this year, I will do it. I have all thats needed to do it, but note, the site might not be ready for a week or so. And the date for entering your games will be later this time since this is late. You may enter games untill January 5th. I'll post back when I get the site up. By the way yes, I am a dev from Loradon (winning game last year)
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Alien Hunter 2, Aliens Reborn released!

11/30/2004 6:28:26 PM | Posted by: Makubab | 1 comment
I know I have shown some pretty poor things in my past here, but this project is my best yet. Its an arcade scrolling shooter with the following features:
-3 Types of Enemies
-9 Power Ups
-3 Weapons
-High Scores Table

For now the controls are: Arrow Keys for Movement, A for plasma lasers, M for homming plasma missiles and space for lasers. In the future I will update it with features that include:
-Enemy Firing Back
-Solid, nondestructable objects
-Homming Missile improvements
-Main Menu

I look forward to all comments and bugs so I can improve on it.
screenshot screenshot screenshot
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Archangel Alpha Version 0.1 Release!

11/27/2004 4:16:33 PM | Posted by: Iodiplin | 1 comment
You are a space marine named Hash. One day, you are cooking some eggs and suddenly find yourself in the midst of a midieval world. You notice that your flame thrower is on hand. Hmmmm...

Alpha Version 0.1

No collision detection...working on it
No sprite lighting...also working on it
Oginial graphics...not sure I'm even going to get this far
Editor...fully functional (USE ONLY IN WINDOWED MODE; press F12 to edit and F12 again to play; lacking a few features)

You can shoot a flame thrower and blow up enemies.
screenshot screenshot screenshot
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2D DXGame Engine 100% FREE!

11/8/2004 3:25:35 AM | Posted by: dxgame | 6 comments
Our 2D DXGame Engine has now been updated to version 1.0.8 and is now 100% FREE to use! (With no annoying load screens either!!) Our 2D+ game engine is now our immediate focus and we're hoping for a December gift for all VB uers. :) Please visit our website for more information.
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Yet Another Laser Game released

10/24/2004 4:20:36 PM | Posted by: Almar | 15 comments
Yet Another Laser Game, or in short YALG has been released. It's written in DirectX8 in combination with VB6.

The aim of the game is to guide your laserbeams through out a map. This maps contains walls, doors, explosives, and a lot more. It's a modern version of those nice laser games from some years back.

Have a look at the demoversion. And try to finish those maps, with skill levels ranging from easy to hard!
screenshot screenshot
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A New DirectX4VB URL

10/18/2004 2:12:26 PM | Posted by: Eric Coleman | 1 comment
I can't believe I haven't posted this yet! Instead of memorizing or bookmarking an IP address that can change, I've added a redirection URL to Jack Hoxely's DirectX4VB website.

The new URL is so update and change your bookmarks!
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New forum for space simulation developpers

10/3/2004 12:32:53 AM | Posted by: Mutos | 6 comments
Hi all,

Just dropped on my site a new forum. This one is about space simulations.

It comes from a discussion I had in a forum w/ another space sim developper, namely Cassiel in the TV3D forum. We both complained most people on gaming and engines forums were in RPG/RTS/FPS dev and no-one was space-sim-oriented ^-^

So I dropped a new phpBB on my site and here it is, it works ! It's divided into three main parts : comments on existing games, engines discussions and projects showcase. It's pretty void now, I just dropped a few posts about some games I liked and no-one answered for now :(

So if u're space-sim-oriented, the place is open for discussion ^-^
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A bit of VB nostalgia

9/21/2004 4:25:43 PM | Posted by: Eric Coleman | 1 comment
There is a new article about the history the BASIC programming language, check it out.

I've also added the old VB Gaming Central and Nexus forum, it's in the Forum section, go check it out! I plan on adding a search feature for the data but untill then you can browse the old posts. Some of that stuff is really interesting.
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Announcing the VBgamer Help Bin and more

9/17/2004 6:24:47 PM | Posted by: Eric Coleman | 1 comment
As you can see, VBgamer has been drastically updated. The major change is the opening of the Help Bin.

The Help Bin has 3 major areas:

  • There is an area for people to list multiple computers or hardware profiles that fellow programmers can search and browse. Fellow programmers can contact you regarding specific computers you may own to help beta test software.
  • There is also a section for job posts or requests for help. You can specify a description of what you need help with and any requirements, such as specific hardware or programming skills.
  • The Help Bin also provides a place for programmers to list their skills, hobbies, and other game programming stuff. It's like having a VB game programming resume ready for other people that might be looking just the right person.

When you join the Help Bin, you're "invisible" by default, which means that any computer profiles, job postings, or resume listings you create will be globally invsible. Each individual post you make is also invisible by default, which requires you to edit and toggle the visiblity state.

One important feature of the Help Bin is that if you forget about your Help Bin profile, it will be automatically deleted after 3 months. This prevents old information from accumulating in the Help Bin. Accounts with dead email addresses are useless, and people's computers (especially software installed) change quite frequently, and this helps to keep information current.

P. S.
For those that are using a smaller resolution than 1024x768 you can click on the Configure link in the top navigation area to select a layot that is better for a smaller resolution.
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VideogameLayer3d (VGL3d) Alpha Demo

9/8/2004 12:37:35 PM | Posted by: hotrodx | Post a comment
Here's a demo of the VGL3d project I'm working on. It's not much yet, but you get to see the engine in action.

I suggest Win2k, 1GHz CPU, GeForce and DX8.1 to run. I would appreciate framerate/cycle rate reports (using the default settings) on other system configurations so I can gauge the performance (and compatibility as well).

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New version of PGE is out

8/25/2004 11:40:45 AM | Posted by: Pab | Post a comment
A new version of the Visual Basic 6, 2D DirectX8 engine, PGE is out.

New in PGE 1.1a:
  •  Some minor and major bugfixes.
  •  Some minor new features has been added.
  •  Example programs to help you get started.

Find it at
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Doom 3 Technology Article

8/23/2004 6:00:21 PM | Posted by: timbo152k | 3 comments
I stumbled accross a great article on the Doom3 Engine and the technology used behind it. It's a VERY long, but good read for anyone developing their own 3D engine. It can be found here:
PS - John Carmack is a game-dev God, enjoy! =)
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NemoX 3D Engine Release 1.085 is out

8/22/2004 3:11:53 PM | Posted by: NemoX Engine 1.085 | Post a comment
A new "NemoX Engine" is finaly out. This 1.085 version has a bunch of new features and is faster than ever with the latest 3D Devices.
Some very interesting features:

  • Environment mapping
  • Render to textures
  • Cube mapping
  • Bounding box visibility culling
  • Bezier surfaces
  • An accurate 2D graphic system
  • Quake 3 BSP support with lightmaps, shaders, curves, PVS, and sliding collision
  • Progressive meshes
  • New Terrain system Faster than ever
  • Unified Collision system with sliding response for 2D and 3D

All the aspect of NemoX Engine are covered by 51 tutorials included in the NemoX 1.085 SDK.

More information ,tutorials,sources code and downloads can be found at Engine project Web site.

Check it out at:

NemoX Engine Web Site

screenshot screenshot
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Alpha 7 Back Online

8/18/2004 6:15:47 PM | Posted by: Peter | 12 comments
We're baaaaack =) After a long hiatus, Alpha 7 is back in development! Right now we are working on the game's missions with a limited release (details to come) in September.

Space action amped - Alpha 7 features intense space action. As a fighter pilot in the Terran Space Force you are part of humanity's last hope against the hordes of Species 159 bugs.

Besides action, Alpha 7 has you fighting amongst allies in pitched battles as friends call in for help, the enemy keeps coming, and objectives change.

For example, in one mission you are part of a taskforce assigned to launch a counterattack against Boundary Line Omega, the last line of defence between the 159 and the supercarrier TSF Independence. If the Independence and its battle group falls, the 159 will be free to pour out into the rest of the galaxy from the Hyperion Nebula. Nothing will stand between them and Earth.

The Boundary Line was breached in the last mission, and now it is the TSF's task to retake it. You will be fighting amongst heavily armoured TSF Gunships and larger capitol ships (the Gunboats, which are packed to the brim with deadly turrets). Hundreds of bugs stand between you and your objective. They will swarm and crash into your small squadron again and again as you attempt to retake Omega (Screenshot 1)

Another mission will see you defending a disabled TSF cruiser, the Ordonnes. As an example of the complexity of later missions, you would have to defend the Ordonnes from attack for a few minutes while troop transports get into position to evac the crew. Once the crew is in, you would have to fight a rearguard action to save the transports from the pursuing 159.

Screenshot 3 features the TSF Independence itself, a massive capitol ship that spans several screens in length.
screenshot screenshot screenshot
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"DaBooda Turbo" game engine version 1.4 released

8/15/2004 5:06:55 AM | Posted by: Sion | 1 comment
The "DaBooda Turbo" 2D game engine has finally reached version 1.4. This new version includes an impressive list of new features some of which have probably never been seen in a 2D engine before.

Among the new features are:
  • Added resource class that will allow you to put all your resources in one file with password encryption
  • Added many mouse features, even hovering capabilities as well as using sprites as pointers.
  • Added a cool vertex system, that basically lets you handle a group of sprites as if they where a 3d object, too cool.
  • Added catches for fullscreen and windowed lost focus, no more errors.
  • Added a new render style option that uses the DX8 Sprite class instead of the strip style, looks alot better.
  • Added two commands that allow you to choose how textures will be rendered to the screen.
  • Added an actual viewport, so now you can set the screen to any size in fullscreen mode.
  • Added A counter class that will allow you to use multiple 2 looped counters that you can apply to any property in the engine, this reduces game programming to nothing almost.
  • Added 2 more sprite collision detections, rect and polygon.
  • Added a multiple sound buffer system, now more than one instance of a single sound can play.
  • Added many fetures to the text, which now allows for up to 16 fonts on the screen as well as alignment methods with make formating way easier.
  • Added many more QM's to the overlays and sprites that now allow you to spread a color amongst multiple objects, as well as aligning many objects.

The engine's homepage can be found at:

And for the lazy - here is a direct link to version 1.4 of the engine:
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Galaxy source code released! opens!

8/14/2004 10:46:46 PM | Posted by: Ryan Clark | 4 comments
Greetings VB Gamers! Lucky here, from Lucky's VB Gaming Site. Just wanted to let you know that I have released the source code for my (unfinished) Visual Basic game "Galaxy" at my new website: The Game Programming Wiki ( The Game Programming Wiki hosts all of the same content that Lucky's VB Gaming Site does, but has the added advantage of being completely user-editable. That means it's easy for ANYONE to make changes to existing pages, add their own tutorials, upload source code, etc. Sound crazy? It is! Just crazy enough to work! :)
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