Re: Natura (Beta) - Sion (0 replies, 1348 views) (2005-Oct-21)
It looks like a game that you've poured a lot of efford into, but I get a fatal error at startup and can't run it.
The error message isn't very informative, but this is it: "Run-time error '-2005530516 (8876086c)': Automation error". I could be a COM or library dependency/reference problem, but I have msvbvm60.dll in the system directory, and it is registered, so that's not the problem.
When I config the audio device to my primary audio device the game just exits without any error message, and when I config the audio device to my NVIDIA(R) nForce(TM) Audio device I get a black screen, the error message, and the music playing the the background. Image

I hope you know what's causing this problem... Image

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