Re: Natura (Beta) - Shaedo (0 replies, 1394 views) (2005-Oct-21)
To familiarise yourself with the controls, play the tutorial levels for a bit. They have not time limit, so you can spend as long as you like playing them.

A couple of tips:
  • Controlling the ball is far easier when you master the boost (spacebar). Try firing out of a pod and pressing a direction(arrow key) and boost at the same time. Once a boost has been used, it takes 1 second to recharge (indicated by the glow around the ball).
  • The harder you hit the spore, the more damage you will do. If you do not hit the spore hard enough, you will not do any damage at all.

p.s. If you cannot see any particles, it means that you gfx card doesn not support point sprites. Also the game is in no way optimized, so it may play a bit choppy on older hardware.

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