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Currently at the moment LPE/RetroEngine, which is written in C++, with SDL Api for graphics (other graphics APIs will be added after I finish the first game with it), it's basically a simple to use OOP Engine written in C++, with graphics, audio, input, maths, file access, encryption, compression, including networking support (TCP/IP, possibly UDP if I can support it, including http-get requests, including those to php pages, possible direct MySQL interface as well (you'll still need a valid username and password to access that MySQL DB though)).
After the graphics, audio, input, and maths framework (file access is complete, graphics is nearing completion, encryption is about half way) is finished, I'll be planning then coding the game (in C++) I am working on for OnGameDev's Retro Game comp, entitled, Astrum Incurro.... which happpens to be another space shooter.
A few other simple games in the engine as well, a couple of arcade action and puzzle games.
In the distant future of the engine, I may end up writing an Open Source (the engine is likely to be open source as well, it'll be at least free) IDE, with a Visual Editor, where you can write the game code in a form of basic, the IDE, will convert it live into C++ (since I'll only need to cover only what the engine provides, and not the entire aspect of C++), with a code tab to switch between the basic and C++ code listings, save it, and export the generated C++ into YourGameName.cpp, which you compile with engine code, this is only a possibility, providing DLLs of the engine, built to use with VB, might be a little pointless, wont be cross-platform then, might be easier to use though.
In the not too distant future, a few more upgrades to AirStrike, a few improvements on the code, then possibly releasing the VB project + source, if I want to continue on it, a port of it to C++ using the engine, probably a resolution change from 640x480 to 1024x768, after a visual upgrade, when I render some graphics for it, instead of having mspaint drawn ones, some added in particle effects.
Got two others in the AirStrike series, AirStrike HARDCORE, which will be an over emphasis/exageration on hard, fast, pumping arcade action, will still be overhead view, in 2D, but the ship will rotate freely in 360 degrees and go forward in any direction  of space, killing off random ships and aliens, a few bosses to pop up every now and then for seemingly endless, addictive action.
I have an AirStrike II which I wont talk about just yet.
In the "classic" collection of games, I'll have Pacman clone, Galaxian clone, Tetris clone, this other game I cant remember the name of that I played as a kid on an old computer, but I remember the game, and it just had that "feel" of awesome, possibly a clone of a classic fighting game (you wont guess which one... hopefully).
A few other projects as well.
Another last project I will talk about, is I plan to make a killer VB graphics tech demo, that'll end up being playable a little, just cause it's VB, and to shut the nay-sayers up for good.
These projects of course, are not all at once, they are mostly one at a time, the order is as follows:
The engine framework
Astrum Incurro
The simple puzzle and action games
AirStrike imrpovements
Then undecided from there, we'll see.

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