Welcome to VBgamer - Eric Coleman (3 replies, 3853 views) (2002-Aug-4)
In the spirit of bringing you the latest VB gaming news, we give you VBgamer. Our features include moderated News, Reviews of VB games, Previews of games in the making, and a Big Huge Games List as a compilation of completed VB games. Feel free to post your own news to the site. Also, if you are interested in having a VBgamer news ticker on your webpage, check out our [url=""] customizable ticker[/url]

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Re: Welcome to VBgamer -  Peter (0 replies) (2002-Aug-4)
Welcome to the site! Let us know what you guys think. Eric and I have been working on this site for the past couple of weeks so we hope you guys like it.
Re: Welcome to VBgamer -  theraje (0 replies) (2002-Aug-5)
Nice job! Do you guys plan to add a section for VB game development projects in progress?
Re: Welcome to VBgamer -  Peter (0 replies) (2002-Aug-5)
It's an idea. We don't have any current plans but it's something we could definately put in in the future. The BHGL stresses completed games though, because it's so rarely seen in VB game dev. Like a 'in progress' section would be filled with games that get about 5% complete and then get abandoned.

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