Deloria Pre-Beta 2.0 - Nexemis (4 replies, 3147 views) (2002-Oct-10)
Deloria Pre-Beta 2.0 is almost ready for public testing. To be a candidate to test Deloria 2.0, please visit the webste [url][/url], click the Beta Signup link and completely fill out the application. Nexemis

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Re: Deloria Pre-Beta 2.0 -  Peter (0 replies) (2002-Oct-11)
Looks good so far. Can we assume that this is an mmorpg?
Re: Deloria Pre-Beta 2.0 -  Eric Coleman (0 replies) (2002-Oct-11)
The screenshots look really nice :)
Re: Deloria Pre-Beta 2.0 - Mattman (0 replies) (2002-Oct-23)
hehehehehe, Odyssey graphics...that was a good game in its time
Re: Deloria Pre-Beta 2.0 -  Nexemis (0 replies) (2002-Oct-25)
yes, MPOG RPG. Accepting beta applications now. Testing in progress

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