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Hey VB game programmers -

As a long-time member of the VB gaming community (see my old VB site at, search google for "Tanner Helland", etc.) I've seen a lot of indie VB game projects come and go. As such, I'm again trying to make a contribution to any team that can write a quality VB game.

My online music studio - - will provide at least one original full-length song (mp3, ogg, wav or MIDI format) FREE to anyone that can complete a QUALITY VB game. By quality, I mean that it has to represent a level of workmanship that I can attach my work to and not be embarrassed. :) You can check out the studio site and see that this is a serious promise - so get cracking and write some games! The better the game, the more music you'll get. If your game rocks, I may just provide an entire soundtrack free of charge. This is especially true for a VBRPG...

Don't contact me unless your project is 80-90% done or I won't sign up. Only SERIOUS entries will receive the gift. I run the music studio full-time, so I'll only have time to consider the best entries I get.

Long live the VB gaming community!

-Tanner "DemonSpectre" Helland,

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Very cool stuff.  That's definately one for the links section. Image

Are you using MIDI for everything?  If you look in the Links > Music section here you'll find a link to buzzmachines, which is really cool program.  It's like MIDI on steroids.  It's very complicated to use and I definatly recommend following as many tutorials as you can.
o_O  Man, buzzmachines is one crazy program.  I could spend years figuring that critter out.

Right now I use a complicated combination of MIDI and several other programs...  Everything begins as MIDI, though!  There's something nostalgic about sweet MIDI format, and since I've used it for so long I'd be hard-pressed to change now.

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