New Alpha 7 Screenshots - Peter (4 replies, 3901 views) (2002-Aug-4)
The [url=]Alpha 7[/url] website has been updated with 6 new screenshots from the game. The new shots show off new engine features like lightmapping, weapons linking, and guided missles, as well as 3 cool new renders showing off the ship designs in detail. Work on the game is coming along. We are currently designing the missions that will be in the game (32 are planned) as well as continuing with coding and producing artwork.

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Re: New Alpha 7 Screenshots -  Peter (0 replies) (2002-Aug-4)
What do you guys think of the shots? JPG artifacts and resizing have sort of damaged the image quality, but oh well.
Re: New Alpha 7 Screenshots -  Eric Coleman (0 replies) (2002-Aug-4)
it still looks shibby :-)
Re: New Alpha 7 Screenshots -  theraje (0 replies) (2002-Aug-5)
Very nice beyond the JPEG key rap. The backgrounds look very "intergalactic." Are you guys going to try and get this game published?
Re: New Alpha 7 Screenshots -  Peter (0 replies) (2002-Aug-5)
I think A7 will probably be freeware. We'll have to see at the end.

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