Nuke Skywanker version 1.1 is already released! - Gunman (0 replies, 10 views) (2002-Sep-15)
Only a few days ago since I released Nuke Skywanker and there is already an update! The patch fixes a few bugs but mostly of all it now won't crash anymore if you didn't have Visual Basic itself installed. There are now also three different executables in case one doesn't work. One which uses Media Player for the sound effects, one which has no sound at all (emergency .exe if both the other executables fail to work) and the original .exe which somehow generates an error with an .ocx files on most computers. In addition to this importent fix the patch does also the following things:
  •  Lazer length is shorter
  •  The top of the lazer is a bit wider
  •  Only the top of the lazer will inflict damage
  •  Lazers won't vanish instanly, it looks slightly better
  •  Fixed a bug where the player could instantly hit the other
  •  Fixed the bug that the iffi cheat didn't work, also altered the conditions a bit
  •  Removed the timer counting from 5 until starting the game
  •  Removed the bug where the crafts would remain their speed after resetting
  •  Fixed a bug that the music wouldn't loop
  •  Fixed a crash when a player was destroyed
  •  Altered the lazer starting position, also looks better
  •  Fixed some spelling mistakes here and there Goto my site for all info: [url][/url] or goto [url][/url] to directly download it. If you have the old version then goto [url][/url] to download a zip with only the updated files which obviously is a lot smaller then the full zip. Like usual all kinds of feedback is appreciated and enjoy!

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