Alternate Reality Studios Releases Dragon Orbs

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At Alternate Reality Studios we have been hard at work and are proud to announce the release of our first game, Dragon Orbs. Dragon Orbs is a casual play style game with retro style graphics. It has an addictive style of play similar to that of Zuma, with some awesome music and cool sound effects. This game was created using VB.

The object of Dragon Orbs is to clear all 50+ levels of the colored orbs. You do that by matching 3 or more of the same colored orb while getting as many points as possible. You must be fast though, the orbs won't stand still, incinerate them before they get to you!

Try out the exciting 5 level demo and to get a taste of Dragon Orbs.

For more information on this game and also about Alternate Reality Studios, please visit our website.

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