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3/9/2006 8:22:28 PM | Posted by: Kauto | 4 comments
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Hi fellows and gamers

For all retro-fans, veterans and casual gamers:
Lost in troubles with our publisher we finally opened the gates to Intergenies' online shop at
DoveZ - the 2nd wave (R-Type like Arcade Action Shooter) made with VB6 is ready for sale!

You can find the demo here:

Actually, if you like the demo, you may choose between 2 different versions.

a) Full-Edition (ca. 650 MB), including high quality cutscenes. 9.99 Eur /
b) Lite-Edition (ca. 240 MB), rendered cutscenes NOT included, recommended
for low-bandwith users. 6.99 Eur / $8.39

2 different playerships
individual and innovative weapon system for each ship
satellite unit (for D-Phyton playership)
special weapons and upgrades (both playerships)
audiovisual radio messages
rendered cutscenes
many different, exciting sceneries
weather effects (snow, rain, thunder)
3D accelerated graphics
singleplayer and multiplayer
45min original soundtrack (arcade/electro/orchestral) by Toxeen
screenshot screenshot screenshot

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