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DirectX 4 VB - the biggest site for multimedia VB programming has been updated with 11 new pieces, and a slightly revised design/layout:

4 new tutorials:
  •  DirectXInput8 Action Mapping.
  •  DirectXSound8 real-time sound effects.
  •  DirectXGraphics8 stencil buffers (a short introduction)
  •  DirectXGraphics8 vertex skinning / matrix palette skinning

4 new reviews:
  •  Realistic Ray Tracing (Book)
  •  Geometry Toolbox for 3D graphics and modeling (Book)
  •  Practical Algorithms for 3D Graphics (Book)
  •  ASUSTeK v8440 GeForce4 Ti4400 graphics card (Hardware)

3 new articles:
  •  VB.Net vs VB6 - a look at compiler/execution performance
  •  D3D8 a complete starters guide - a 71 page pdf document
  •  Critical path analysis and scheduling for computer games.

check them all out at:

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